West Nias regency looks out to Tangerang's progress

 A group of officials led by West Nias Regent paid a visit to Tangerang regental administration in effort to look for inputs to improve the administration's performance on Friday, Agusut 5.

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar said that official visit from governmental organization is more than just building communicative ties, but certain values expected to come after with applicative results is the establishment of a regional water utility to provide clean water supply for the society.

"We hope that this visit can contribute to various benefits through good sharing with West Nias regental administration officials in managing the administration performance and services and we will fulfill the West Nias Regent's invitation to visit the region someday," said Zaki.

West Nias regent Faduhusi Daely said his admininstration visit Tangerang in attempt to learn many things starting from the governance, bureaucrachy, permits, administrativse, as well as many other thins that the region needs to adopt from Tangerang.

"Tangerang regency has grown and developed well, so we need to learn and adopt the systems the Tangerang regental has applied with satisfactory outputs. This will extraordinary assitance that Tangerang presents for us," he said, adding many things can be digged out from Tangerang to bring West Nias Regency a step ahead.

Daely who claimed to be impressed by significant progress in Tangerang addmitted that Tangerang regency is the first region his administration to visit although it has planned to visit a number of other regions across the country. 

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