76 residents got free cataract surgical opreation

Tangerang Regental Health Agency in cooperation with Hermina Bitung Hospial, the Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (Perdami) and Dharmais Foundation organized a charity event to help villagers in Tangerang with free eye examinations and cataract surgical opertion on Thursday.

The event saw, at least, 79 people with cataract problem of various villages from across the regency were benefitted for free cataract surgical operation they tookpart in.

Sri Diana Ginting, Hermina Gintung Hospital said, the free surgical operation could matrealize because of good cooperation among the parties as mentioned above.

"Peopel usually suffer from cataract over 50 yars old. If they get cataract under 50 years old, it could be caused by other fators such as diabete or eye lense undegoing turbidity,"she said.  

She exlplained the phases of surgical operaton started at local community health center (puskesmas) that decides wether or not a patient contacts cataract. Then, the patient will be told to register for free cataract surgical operation at Hermina Bitung Hospital.

"We never turnown patients, no matter where they come from. Here, they will be rechecked to determine wether or not they can follow the operaion. If their blood tension rises, it means that we can not follow up with futher handling. Thoughthe patient hasBPJS cardornot, this surgical operation is free until they are totally cured," she said.  

Menwhile, Tangerang regent A.Zaki Iskandar hoped that cataract patients are able to see better after following the surgical operation without any disturbance in their sight at all.

"I hope that you all can see with normal way as usual and do all activities without obstacles in vision. Please, obey what doctors say in order that your eyes stay healthy," said Zaki.

Zaki appreciated the free cataract surgical operation charity program for the poor and hoped that it can continuebecause the administration would not be able to do much without the supports and assistance from the partis andcommunity. 

"This charity has really helped the poor people from villages. I hope it will inspire other businesses to follow suit to express their social responsibility in the areas where their businesses take place,” Zaki added.

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